Why Use Us?

  • EXPERIENCE - We have more than 45 years. Our sweeps, all family members, have months of continuous supervised training in real working conditions before being allowed to sweep solo.

    As a comparison, most of the other local sweeps have been "certified" by NACS, ICS, The Guild of Master Sweeps or one of the many other training outfits by attending a 2 or 3 day course. So when they pass out from this they can then advertise as being "certified".

    I know we all had to start somewhere but please ask yourself this question, "Is training of just a few days really enough to attain acceptable levels of competence and safety in this work?"

  • RELIABILITY - We won't let you down. Your job is very important to us. In the very unlikely event that we cannot get to you because of a vehicle breakdown or such then we will keep you informed of the situation - one of the reasons why we need your current phone number.

  • LOCAL BUSINESS - We have worked and lived in the Grimsby area since our business began so we have sound knowledge of the different styles and construction of houses around here. From 17th century to newly built properties we have swept chimneys in them all.

    We are truly local - some sweeping businesses advertising locally have to travel more than 20 miles to this area to do your job - they often don't show a home address or list only a mobile phone number. Don't forget you will be paying for their extra travelling costs.

  • VALUE FOR MONEY - With our charges held for more than two years now, we believe we have the keenest price for sweeping open fire chimneys. One sweep advertises "Prices from £40".
    Our standard charge is £30 for an open fire in the local area. Stoves take longer to clean because they usually involve extra work to remove and replace - after sweeping - throat plates or inspection hatches and clean the door glass - so they cost more than open fires. All our prices are free of VAT.

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