Chimney Top Tips
When burning solid fuel, have the chimney swept at least once a year.
If you don't have it swept, one of these things will happen sooner or later-
The chimney gets so choked with soot that the smoke can't get through it and comes back into the room

The soot falls down into the room - very messy!

The soot in the chimney starts to burn - then it is time to ring 999 for the fire service!
Even if you have a gas fire the chimney still needs cleaning once every three years.
If you are not sure which chimney is connected to which fireplace take a look at this diagram. If you still cannot work out which is which, light a smoke pellet in the fireplace then go outside and watch which pot the smoke is coming from!
If you plan to have a new solid fuel stove installed please make sure that it will be possible to sweep the chimney (very often I find it is not possible to gain access to a chimney after a stove is fitted - which means having to uninstall the stove in order to clean the chimney!)

If you are in any doubt please phone me for advice - before the stove is installed.

If you have rain or birds coming down a chimney, the best thing to do is fit a chimney cowl - look HERE for the best type to fit.