Stove Alert
During the last few years I have come across wood burning and multi-fuel stoves which have been installed poorly, sometimes even dangerously.

Certain builders are fitting stoves or fireplaces even though they are not qualified or competent to do so.

Recently I was called to sweep a stove chimney. I found there was no access into the chimney to sweep it. Worse still, the builder who installed it used plasterboard to make the register plate (this fits in the chimney above the stove).

Plasterboard is entirely unsuitable for this purpose - register plates are best made of metal - certainly not plasterboard!. Also he had charged for installing a flue liner when in fact there was only the original clay liner in the chimney.

He failed  to supply required documentation for the installation work nor did he fit an installation data plate (see below).


It is now regulatory that a competent person must "sign off" every stove or other solid fuel appliance installation. By signing, the competent person is verifying that the work complies with building regulations and installation specifications.

You must have this documentation when the job is finished.

On completion there should also be an "Installation Data Plate" supplied by the installer fixed to a wall somewhere in the house (mine was fixed in the cupboard under the stairs). This has all the details of the installation written on it.

This data plate is important! - If ever you want to sell your house and you don't have one it could hold up the sale.

So, if you plan to have a new solid fuel stove installed please make sure that your installer is competent and aware of the current regulations - and please make HIM or HER aware that you will require the correct documentation on completion of the work.

If you are in any doubt please phone me for advice - before the stove is installed and you part with your money!